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Sneaker Stores You Must Visit in New York City

Stadium Goods S1

It’s no secret that New York City is known for being one of the world’s best fashion destinations. However, what is a secret to some is where and how to find the best places to shop for sneakers when you visit the Big Apple. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

Aside from the well-known places like the flagship stores for adidas and Nike, there are a few other sneaker stores that are necessary to stop in when you’re in NYC. Even if you’re not looking to purchase anything, the atmosphere in these places will make you feel at home, regardless of whether you’ve travelled from a long way away. As an added bonus, there are so many good restaurants to fuel you as you go on your way!

Round Two Inside 1
Round Two Outside
Round Two Inside 2

Round Two Store

Located in the heart of the Lower East Side is the famous Round Two. Founded by Sean Wotherspoon, Luke Fracher and Chris Russow, Round Two has expanded from a small reselling shop in Virginia to an internationally-famous sneaker and streetwear consignment shop. Round Two is home to plenty of rare and unique pieces, and their inventory ranges from vintage Polo to the latest Supreme drop. Their resale prices can be steep, but it depends on what you want to buy, and they often have some great deals – be sure to check out their Instagram page where they post their newest products. While you’re in the area, there’s no better time to hit up Good Thanks Cafe for a natural wine, and top notch bites.

Kith Outside
Kith 2
Kith 1
Kith Treats


Ronnie Fieg’s famous New York City Kith store recently opened their new building which contains three floors of heat on the corner of Lafayette and Bleeker streets. With products ranging from The North Face and Carhartt WIP to Aimé Leon Dore and Stone Island, you won’t be disappointed by the range. On the second floor, there is a room that has rotating exhibits highlighting the newest collaboration, so even if you’re not planning on buying anything, it’s always worth a walk in the store to check out their signature art pieces. If you need a little pick-me-up, make sure to stop by the Kith Treats counter for a signature cereal-ice-cream blend!

Solestage 1
Solestage 2


Another resell shop that’s worth checking out is SoleStage. They recently opened their New York City store in addition to their Los Angeles, Irvine, and Beijing locations. The NYC venue contains one of the biggest supplies of hype in the city. Again, since this is a reselling store, beware of the marked-up prices. However, with their variety of sneakers, streetwear and accessories, you won’t be disappointed.

Bape Inside
Bape 3,

A Bathing Ape

Walk a little bit down Greene Street and in the middle of the block you’ll find the BAPE store. Though it may look out of place next to the Chloe and Tiffany & Co flagship stores, it’s no surprise to find people camped outside the store on any day of the week. They recently renovated and opened the second floor of the BAPE townhouse, and the range includes a plethora of men’s, women’s, and kids clothing and accessories.

Un 1
Un Pinball1
Un Mannequins 2

Urban Necessities

Though a store-within-a-store, Urban Necessities’ residency in the back of the American Eagle store is also worth checking out. Jaysse Lopez’s consignment store actually started in Las Vegas, but Jaysse has finally given his loyal customers and fans what they want by opening a store in New York City. The consignment shop features rows upon rows of shrink-wrapped sneakers, Grails in garment bags, and even a Supreme pinball machine where you can test your luck. The walls are graffitied with the autographs of customers and visitors, and don’t be surprised if the American Eagle mannequins have more-hyped sneakers on their feet than you do! Interestingly, the store has helped bring sneakers to a mainstream audience by beckoning American Eagle customers to see what the hype is really about.

Empty Gallery 1
Empty Gallery 2

EM PTY Gallery (Off-White Store)

EM PTY Gallery, or more colloquially known as ‘the Off-White store’, should be your next stop. The store has the largest selection of Off-White in the city, and in-store products are constantly changing with each of Virgil’s new collections. Again, the line outside may be long, but if you’re searching for the latest Off-White piece, EM PTY Gallery is the place to go.

Stadium Goods 1
Stadium Goods S2
Stadium Goods S1
Stadium Goods E4

Stadium Goods

Hidden in plain sight, world-famous Stadium Goods is the best place to find that rare pair of kicks you’ve been dreaming about. With floor-to-ceiling walls of sneakers, and a glass case full of coveted Supreme and Louis Vuitton accessories, this place is a shrink-wrapped heaven. As an added bonus, the store often contains a large range of sizes and styles, from Disney Vans to Supreme Vans, BAPE Stas, Yeezys, and every Air Jordan model you can imagine. The staff are also extremely helpful, so if you want to see another size don’t hesitate to ask!

All Things Hype S1
All Things Hype 3
All Things Hype S2
All Things Hype 4
All Things Hype S5

All Things Hype NY

If you don’t end up making it inside the Supreme store, don’t worry – reselling shop All Things Hype NY will have you covered. The shop may be hidden at first in the lower level of Broadway Market, but just follow the signs (and the hype) down the stairs and you’ll be met with an abundance of Supreme, BAPE, Vlone and more. The store itself is fun, with its BAPE-themed stairs and brand logo decals on the walls, plus the staff are incredibly friendly. If you brought anything along to resell, or are hoping to find your Grail, this is the place to make a deal.

Supreme S1
,Supreme 2
Old Supreme


It kind of goes without saying, but when you’re in New York City it is absolutely necessary to visit the original Supreme store. Founded in 1994 by James Jebbia as a small community skate shop, the store now has permanent barricades outside to keep the lines of people (often around the block!) in order. While the original store on Lafayette undergoes renovation, the Supreme store has temporarily relocated to a bigger space on the corner of Bowery and Spring streets. When you finally make it inside the store you will be met with Supreme’s signature aloof vibe, but that’s all part of the brand’s charm. Visiting the Supreme store is worth the wait, but if you’re there on a Saturday and don’t have a ticket in line, you won’t get in the store. Otherwise, if the line looks long, be sure to reserve about a half-hour for this stop.

Eb Outside

Extra Butter

Dedicated to offering customers a ‘cinematic retail experience’, Extra Butter makes sneaker shopping feel like a movie. The small boutique on Orchard Street is decorated to resemble a movie theatre, hence its seemingly-obscure name. Complete with red velvet curtains, a cash register made to look like a concession stand, and plush theatre seats for trying on shoes instead of couches, this is only a preview of Extra Butter’s calm and cool atmosphere!

Alife Outside
Alife 2
,Alife 3


Just a few blocks from Extra Butter you’ll find Alife. The store has not one but two entrances. Open the left door to find Alife apparel, or open the right door to access a selection of sneakers. The skater-surfer-streetwear hybrid brand was founded in 1999, and the store – though petite – still has a lot of character. The left side has a nautical theme with fishing and surfing decor, while the right side is reminiscent of a lounge with low lights and dark wood. As a whole, Alife should not be missed.

Flight Club 1
Flight Club 2
Flight Club Outside

Flight Club

With a reputation as one of the original and most famous sneaker resale marketplaces, it’s no surprise that Flight Club boasts walls upon walls upon walls of shrink-wrapped treasures. Floor-to-ceiling racks of sneakers line the walls of the sparsely-decorated space right off East 11th Street, and the abundance of rare and almost priceless sneakers leaves one in awe. With so many options and sizes to choose from, Flight Club really is full of Shrink Wrapped Dreams!

Concepts 1
Concepts 2
Concepts 3


Although Concepts is a short walk away from the heart of Soho, it is another sneaker store that shouldn’t be missed. Concepts is loaded with the créme de la créme, and also boasts a stack of top tier apparel and accessories. The store’s interesting and thoughtful decor is another added plus!

Atmos 1
,Atmos 2
Atmos 3


The NYC outpost of Japanese sneaker titan atmos, there was no way this wasn't going to make the list! The boutique is located up in Harlem, and though it is chock-full of sneakers and streetwear, its premium fitout holds its own next to the shelves of Grails. Coveted atmos [email protected] and other creative displays are scattered around the store.

Jimmy Jazz 1
Jimmy Jazz 2
Jimmy Jazz 3

Jimmy Jazz

A Harlem landmark for over 20 years, Jimmy Jazz has an unbeatable quantity and variety of sneakers and clothing. More similar to Foot Locker, Jimmy Jazz has a large selection of GR sneakers and streetwear – like Air Force 1s, Kappa, and a wall of caps and snapbacks. Jimmy Jazz is a great place to go for all your basic sneaker needs.

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