How To Build A Shoe Rack

Learn How To Build A Shoe Rack In Your Basement Finishing Project

You could be tired of the pile of shoes in the closet. Thus, you feel inspired to make the shoe rack. Or, your wife has just requested for one. There are plenty of ideas you can fetch online to guide you through the procedure. This article aims to explain how to build a shoe rack.


It is always reasonable to come up with a set of plans for any project. This can help to determine the number of materials that are required. What is captured in the basic plan is what is more likely to occur in the actual procedure. The general dimensions of the plan may remain constant even in the actual process.


The finished home-made shoe rack may demand the following items:

•*Box of screws – 1-5/8”

•1 – 2x2x8 (the shelves supports)

•6 – 1x3x8 (Shelves)

•2 – 1x4x8 (legs).

It is also important to note that you may use the service of general pine lumber. The average total cost for the materials may be 30 dollars. You can intentionally stick with the material sizes that are mostly sold at the local lumber yards. You should always make use of the appropriate screws. They are sold at averagely ten dollars per box.

The screws are certainly essential as the resulting shoe rack does not strip. To add on that they are designed in a way such that they reduce the unnecessary splitting and cracking of the wood used.

Prep Work

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to complete any project is by cutting well all the necessary materials to the required size and make sure you sort accordingly. You may need to cut;

•6 – 2” x2”x12”

•12 – 1”x3”x36”

•4 – 1”x4”x28

The above-stated sizes are meant for the explanation. You may still make any relevant adjustment if you wish for a different size shoe rack. All in all, the assembly is actually the most challenging step to completing the project correctly.

You may start with the ends and complete with tying it up with the inclusive shelves. All you need to do is to try and keep the measurements accurate enough to ensure that the final shoe rack is a perfect square.


The Legs

•First, assemble the pieces for one of the ends i.e. the 3 – 2×2’s and 2 – 1×4’s.

•Set up the necessary pieces on the work table in the most suitable planning of the assembly process with the 1×4’s on the top and the 2×2’s at the bottom.

•You can then position the end point of the 1×4 to flush nicely with the edge of the 2×2. Ensure that you maintain the flush position while you work on the horizontal plan too.

•Set up the top side 2×2 2-1/8” from the bottom of the 1×4. Doing so at this position may allow you to do it ne-handed’.

•Measure the exact same length all the way from the side of the 2×2 to ensure the general alignment. Then you can screw to hold the structure in position. Make sure you recheck the alignment before you tighten up with more screws.

•Repeat the same procedure to fix the other leg.

•You can then install the topmost 2×2 by ensuring that you measure 2-1/8” all through from the upper side of the 1×4 to the upper side of the 2×2. Make sure that the flushness and alignment are alright before you insert the screws to tighten it up.

•You can then install the middle 2×2. Make sure that the upper side of the middle 2×2 is centered between the lower and upper 2×2’s. It is also important to ensure that the distance is kept at 11-1/2”/

•Repeat the same procedure for the other side.

The Shelves

•This part of the procedure may be made easier if you ask someone to hold the leg while you fix in the shelving pieces.

•While making sure that the leg is at an upright position, nicely fix a shelf lat’ that is flushing on the back or the front side and also make sure it is butted up tightly against the leg.

•You may insert several screws all through the entire slat to tighten it up into the 2×2. Repeat the same procedure on the other ends too.

•Next, you can fit the divergent outer slat in the same manner while at the same time making sure that the ends flush and are well butted up.

•You may use the ruler and a pencil to ensure even placement of the middle slats. Repeat the procedure for the top and the middle shelves.

Learning how to build a shoe rack can sure benefit you especially if you
live in a house with several family members. You can set up more shoe racks in rooms such as the bedroom and maintain neatness in the home.

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