Colourway Corral: ‘Tiffany Blue’

Diamond Supply Co. Nike SB Dunk

‘Tiffany Blue’ is the eponymous nickname of the robin egg blue colour associated with jewellery company Tiffany & Co. They first used the colour in 1845 on the cover of Tiffany’s Blue Book but it wasn’t actually trademarked until 1998. Since the mid-2000s, the light green-aqua blue tone helped bridge high-low style between the luxury and streetwear worlds across a number of referential releases. Things went full circle in 2023, with the official union between Tiffany & Co. and Nike on the Air Force 1. Here are some of its precursors to use the iconic colour.

Diamond Supply Co. Nike SB Dunk Low

Diamond Supply Co. x Nike SB Dunk Low (2005)

This is the sneaker that kicked off the ‘Tiffany’ associations. Officially a collaboration between skate brand Diamond Supply Co. and Nike SB as part of the ‘Team Managers’ series in 2005, this unofficial homage to Tiffany & Co. is entrenched in sneaker lore. Nike SB Dunks, by this point, had established themselves as the perfect template for playful executions, but Diamond’s effort truly elevated the model, thanks to its faux croc panels, ‘Tiffany Blue’ upper and chrome patent Swoosh. For some, they were too nice to skate! There was a high-top sequel in 2014, plus some tonal black and white versions (there’s a very rare yellow pair, too) in 2018, but Nicky Diamonds’ OG is the godfather.

,Nike Dunk Low Un-Tiffany
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Nike Dunk Low ‘Un-Tiffany’ (2007)

Sneakerheads in the 2000s occasionally coined colourways with an ‘Un’ prefix if they resembled another famous combination. The ‘Un-Tiffany’ Dunk was actually part of a broader ‘Reflector’ pack, but its reflective black crocodile pattern, aqua stitching, and matching ankle panel were way too on-the-nose not to be associated with the SBs from just two years prior. There was also a similarly coloured Court Force in the pack that gained the moniker because of the similar shades used.

Supra Vaider Tiffany Snakeskin
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Supra Vaider ‘Tiffany Snakeskin’ (2008)

Back in 2008, Supra were nipping at the ankles of Nike SB with their own inspired takes using ‘Tiffany Blue’. The Vaider is a time capsule of the era, with its chunky high-top styling and thick vulc sole. This pair followed the ‘three per cent rule’ about a decade before Virgil coined the term by pairing the famous colour with faux python skin. Justin Bieber is actually pictured wearing this pair on the CD case art of his 2009 debut EP My World. Save that fun fact for Bieb’s pub trivia.

Nike Air Max Plus Hyper Jade

Nike Air Max Plus ‘Tiffany’ (2014, 2022)

The Air Max Plus, or TNs, as they’re colloquially referred to in some parts of the world, routinely receive nicknames based on their colours. In fact, this practice has likely been going on as long as SB Dunks. The ‘Tiffany’ TN is named as such for its aqua Swoosh shining through the otherwise plain white and black upper. This is an example of the colour transcending its origins.

Creative Recreation Cesario

Creative Recreation Cesario (2000s)

Creative Recreation had a moment in the mid-2000s. In fact, some of its earliest advertising graces the paper pages of Sneaker Freaker. The Cesario model is still kicking on since its 2005 debut, and it seems some of its colourways dip into the palettes of the era. This black and teal pair is a silver Swoosh away from a lawsuit, but there’s a strange fondness for this fashion hightop. For those who don’t care about sneaker clout and just want some cool colours, this may just be the pair.

Diamond Supply Co. PUMA Clyde

Diamond Supply Co. x PUMA Clyde (2016)

‘Tiffany’ colourways to Diamond Supply Co. are what pigeons are to Jeff Staple. This 2016 PUMA colab pushed teal to the forefront, resulting in one of the more memorable Clydes from that time. However, with the relatively limited palette and material options at play, it’s hard to avoid comparisons to the SB Dunk debut. Has Nas made a better album than Illmatic?

Tiffany & Co. Nike Air Force 1

Tiffany & Co. x Nike Air Force 1 ‘1837’ (2023)

Eighteen years after the unofficial Nike SB homage, Tiffany & Co. have finally approved an official collaboration with Nike (though they did make some silver dubraes in 2007). While a Dunk would’ve been cool, they opted for the timeless Air Force 1 in an even more resilient blacked-out colourway. Of course, Tiffany have access to some shiny sterling silver, so they slap it on the heels alongside some ostentatious accessories, including shoe horns, whistles and even a toothbrush. The claimed $400 retail might sting, but the aftermarket value likely will hurt even more. Nicky Diamonds crawled so Tiffany Kid could walk past the line at UNDEFEATED. Now, Tiffany & Co. are running for real with Nike – though their LVMH overlords likely had a part to play in this union.

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